U-NET Finances and Insurance Agents and Agencies Network, Is a Network of over 200 independent financial planners and insurance agents and agencies which was founded in 1998;  The network was established with the intention of providing its members with a wide holistic business platform and a range of solutions within all areas of counseling: financial, pension-planning ,Investments, lawns ,life (more than 900 million annual premium) and non-life (more than 90 million premium). The main office is located in Holon, with a branch in the north of Israel (near Haifa).

The special structure of the network allows its members to maintain their business independence and at the same time be part of a large and substantial body (with all the benefits deriving from its size).

The most significant "test" U-NET and it's agents experienced has been the adaptation to the reform that took place and have taking place in the past years in the world of insurance, pension and in the financial market in Israel at a whole (adaptation both business wise and economically). The entire financial market has been undergoing drastic changes in terms of "players", regulation, structure and constant changes in saving products- a change which
Implies diminishing profits and premium significantly.

One of the foundations of the development of U-NET is a professional training. All business initiatives, enterprises, training and instruction are preformed and guided through U-NET'S ACADEMY.

The size of the network and the professionalism of its members allow matching and assigning unique and special programs to different sectors.

The human resources and the dedicated, professional and comprehensive treatment make
U-NET the only large network in Israel capable of offering the suitable solution fitting the needs of the clientele.

U-NET INVEST CAPITAL MARKETS LTD is U-NET's investment home which provides specific "boutique" solutions management for our agents clients.

U-NET Finances and Insurance Agents and Agencies Network is the owner of a company which deals with advanced business management of insurance offices, it is through this platform that U-NET shares an ownership of a subsidiary company, Tango, which is also a part owner in 30 other insurance agencies.

Recently, U-NET has been considering taking part in non-banking financing (factoring deals and short term financing for firms).

Shlomo Aizic CEO and group Chairman

Shlomo Aizic Bsc. & MBA, 63, married +3 daughters, with more than 35 years of experience in the industry (electro-optics, textile, food) and in marketing prior to entering to the insurance field.

Shlomo who has been Insurance & Finance industry for over 27 years is a pioneer and visionary in leading insurance agents and enabling them to conquer the challenges of the future. Shlomo had started U-NET as a network and a home for financial planners and insurance agents in 1998 and since then has assisted agents and planners to develop their businesses, to advise institutional clients and provide a wide holistic scope of financial and insurance solutions for the mass affluent clients in the workplace and out.

Shlomo has co-created an Investment home which advises provident founds on asset allocation such as EL-AL and other sectorial groups. U-NET's investment home also provides portofilio management for the mass affluent manages found and is currently considering a line of solutions in protected provident funds.

Shlomo is also active in industry politics chairing the committee for life and financial planners in the Association of Israeli Insurance agents and work with the regulating authorities in securing promising future for financial planners.

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